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Employee Stock Ownership Plan audits, valuations, and consulting

Trout CPA serves as business, 税, and valuation advisors to employee-owned companies across a variety of industries. No matter where you are in the 雇员股票拥有 process; a business owner looking to sell all or part of your business, or a seasoned 雇员股票拥有 company, our professionals are ready to assist. Our long-term relationship with trustees, attorneys, third-party administrators and financial institutions allows us to provide you with access to highly knowledgeable resources.

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What is an 雇员股票拥有?

An 雇员股票拥有 is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Technically, it’s a 税 qualified retirement plan. An 雇员股票拥有’s primary purpose is to invest in the stock of the employing company. By owning shares of the company, employees are encouraged to think and act like shareholders.

What are the benefits of an 雇员股票拥有?

An 雇员股票拥有 can be an effective exit strategy for owners of closely-held companies. You should weigh the benefits of an 雇员股票拥有 against associated costs and complexities. We can assist you with this analysis.

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税 Services for 雇员股票拥有s

  • Research and Development (R&D) 税 Credit
  • 税 deferred exchanges
  • 税 minimization strategies
  • Depreciation strategies
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Payroll and Employment 税
  • Estate and Gift 税 planning
  • IRS audit assistance

Financial 状态ment Services for 雇员股票拥有s

  • 雇员股票拥有 Plan 审计
  • 雇员股票拥有 company audits
  • 审计
  • Reviews

Advisory Services for 雇员股票拥有s


  • Transaction advisory
  • Lease vs. purchase analysis
  • Cash flow analysis 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Employee Benefit Plan advisory
  • Ownership buy-in / buy-out
  • 销售 & Use 税 consulting


  • Financial due diligence
  • Income 税 Nexus Studies
  • Entity formation and selection
  • Entity structure analysis 
  • Internal Control Studies  
  • Financing assistance

Business Solutions for 雇员股票拥有s

  • Payroll assessment and administration
  • Selection, implementation, and operation of accounting software

雇员股票拥有 Memberships

Want to learn more about our 雇员股票拥有 services?

We would be happy to discuss how Trout CPA can help with your specific needs.

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